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I have always enjoyed painting but it was only when my husband and I moved into a barn in the Shropshire countryside that I started painting almost daily. I found great inspiration from the animals around our home, I was particularly taken with the sheep and this is when I created my quirky little characters.
So now very exciting we have moved to live in Cornwall, and my art has taken on new creatures such as fish and crabs.  I love the coast and all it has to offer me as an artist and I look forward to creating more paintings with this theme.
I like to use my imagination, sometimes adding a little fun and humour in the process.  I use many mediums but favour acrylics, resin and glass paint. I like to add texture by incorporating slate and shapes which I make from a lightweight modelling clay, then occasionally a little sparkle is needed! I have recently been using metallic paints in gold, copper, silver and sparkling glass paint. Some pieces are finished with a high gloss resin, the results have been a hit!
I sell my work via my Website, Galleries, Exhibitions and Art Festivals. I am also now a member of 'Made In Cornwall'.


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